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Cables de potencia de media tensión VLF

The tests carried out on power cables are essential to ensure the integrity and reliability of electrical connections and safety in energy transmission and distribution systems. 

VLF a Cables MT 11kV Funza

Our experience and knowledge in the new technologies of manufacturing polymer medium-voltage cables allow us to offer the most efficient solutions in diagnosis and lifespan. In this regard, we verify, with precision and non-destructively, the cable's condition and its terminations before its commissioning. These tests are carried out during installation, maintenance, and evaluation of the cables.

Some of the acceptance and maintenance tests include:

  • Cover integrity test
  • VLF test for cables up to 35 kV
  • Tangent Delta (TD)
  • Partial Discharge (PD)
  • Resistencia aislamiento

All these tests are conducted by qualified personnel using appropriate testing equipment. The test results are meticulously documented. Regular testing and proper maintenance are crucial to ensure that power transformers operate safely and efficiently over time

Do you require a special test that is not listed here?